In this video I talk about the Spring Market which is typically our busiest time of year. Is that the case in 2024? I also touch on the landscape of mortgage rates. Are you holding out for lower rates? Why?

Make sure you're getting the right advice by analyzing both sides of the coin. If you're actively in the market to buy or sell real estate in Vancouver try to avoid headlines and instead seek market information for the property type, price point and neighbourhood(s) you want to move to or from.


If it's helpful just reach out to me and I will set you up. For ease here's a link to my calendar.

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Vancouver, Westside

East Vancouver

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Dive into the heart of Vancouver’s historic Gastown as we reveal its transformative journey into a beacon of culture, community, and urban innovation. This video takes you on a captivating tour of Gastown’s latest developments, showcasing how this iconic neighbourhood is reshaping its legacy for the future.

Inside This Video: Gastown has long been one of my favourite neighourhoods. I love the architecture and the heritage loft style residences. When I'm in the area walking around it just gives off a good feeling. Most of the residences in the area are heritage conversions while some buildings were built to blend and then a few condo buildings mixed in as well. You'll also find some of Vancouver's best restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping in the…

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Nestled within the historic streets of Gastown, Koret Lofts represents a unique fusion of past and present, offering an unparalleled live/work, commercial, and residential flexibility, including the rare opportunity for short-term rentals. This sought-after warehouse conversion captivates with its historic allure and is perfectly positioned among some of Vancouver’s finest restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and the vibrant cultural scene that defines this iconic neighbourhood.

Making its first appearance on the market since its redevelopment in 2006, this  well maintained loft stands out with its distinctive features. A rarity among its peers, this unit boasts a full wall of original brickwork, extending the entire length of the space, complemented by…

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Activity in the Vancouver real estate market has picked up quite a bit when compared to 2023. In February we saw more listings come to market however we also saw much more sales which means we are still yearning for more inventory.

Multiple Offers

Some buyers are finding themselves in competing situations. This is common in any market. The most attractive and well priced properties will always attract the majority of buyers. A couple of tips for you, try not to confuse the asking price for the actual value of the property. A seller can theoretically put their property on the market for any price they choose meaning they might decide to under value their property in order to generate multiple offers which will likely result in a sale over the…

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Welcome to our latest update on the Greater Vancouver real estate market with Brittany! Despite a sluggish 2023, buyers wasted no time in pursuing their real estate goals in 2024. Our observations indicate a notable surge in activity, signalling pent-up demand following the preceding year's subdued market performance. In January alone, we witnessed an uptick in sales, with a staggering 38% increase compared to the same period in 2023. That being said, those figures still remain significantly lower than the 10-year average. Moreover, the market saw a 14.5% rise in newly listed properties which is also below the 10 year average for this time of year.

Interest Rates Getting A Lot of Attention

The bustling activity in January can be attributed in…

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One of the worst mistakes a seller can make is to overprice their property. We don't see this everyday in the Vancouver real estate market but often enough where I wanted to share some ideas on how to price your property correctly.

I know that sometimes as seller it's difficult to look at your home objectively or with a critical eye. After all you've probably owned and lived in the property for several years, it's treated you well and you've created some fond memories there.

Mount Pleasant, Vancouver BC

Understanding Your Local Market

A key message in the video is that starting to learn about your local market as soon as you're thinking about selling will prove to be highly valuable. Just think back to when you bought your property, I'd bet that you saw several…

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Being Thoroughly Prepared is Paramount

Are you contemplating the prospect of buying or selling a property in Vancouver in 2024? It's not uncommon for individuals to find themselves less prepared than anticipated. Although we are still in the early stages of the year, there is a palpable buzz in the real estate market. Fixed mortgage rates have seen a decline, and there is an expectation that the Bank of Canada will continue to lower rates throughout the year. While the decrease will not match the previous increases, forecasts suggest a potential drop of 1%-1.5% by year-end. The prevailing sentiment indicates a preference for lower interest rates over higher home prices. As rates decline, prospective buyers will gain more confidence, intensifying…

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Curious about the current state of Greater Vancouver's real estate market? In this video, we delve into the highs and lows of 2023 and explore what's on the horizon for 2024.

2023 Recap: The peak of home prices hit in the Spring of 2022, just before interest rates began to climb. As anticipated, prices softened during this period. Historically, rising interest rates lead to price decreases, and vice versa. Despite 2023 seeing the highest interest rates in a decade, home prices rebounded, showcasing the resilience of the Vancouver market. Home prices across Greater Vancouver for all property types increased 5%. Where most of our clients live, Vancouver and South Surrey, prices increased 0.9% - 11.4% depending on property type.

Market Trends in…

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Open this account by December 31, 2023! If purchasing your first home is something that you are hoping to accomplish in the next 5 years, We highly recommend you open a First Home Savings Account (FHSA) before December 31st. This is VERY quick and easy to do with no added cost to you. Trust us, your future self will thank you!

Why is it important to open up an FHSA by the end of the year?

  • Each calendar year you are allowed to contribute up to $8,000 towards your FHSA, however, if you do not contribute the entire $8,000 you can roll over the unused contribution room to the following year.

    • For example, if you contribute $2,000 to your FHSA in 2023, you would be allowed to contribute $14,000 in 2024 (i.e., $8,000 plus the remaining…

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In this video we're unveiling the captivating charm of a heritage loft nestled within Vancouver's cherished Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. This loft will cater to a select few, in essence, it appeals to those with an appreciation for an exceptionally stylish property.

Embracing the heart of historical charm, this residence boasts exposed brick walls soaring to impressive 18.5-foot ceilings, evoking an ambiance of timeless warmth within expansive surroundings. Originally developed as church in 1909, The Conerstone underwent a transformation in 1994, evolving into captivating loft-style residences.

Fast forward to 2018, where a beautiful renovation redefined this space, uniting contemporary opulence with cherished heritage elements. From the…

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